RFID Wristbands Demystified: What Are They? How Do They Work?

RFID wristbands are one of the hottest things in the event industry right now. But what are they? What do the do? Why might they be useful for your next event? Here we’re going to go through all of the most common questions to help demystify this hot new trend.

RFID stands for ‘radio frequency identification’. RFID wristbands contain electronic chips (also known as tags) inside them, which let you collect and track data.

  • They can be scanned to pay for food/drinks, get access to VIP areas and upload social media posts.
  • Disney and Universal Studios’ Volcano Bay water theme park are already utilising this new technology.
  • But is this latest trend really worth of all the hype?

The Great Things About Them

One of the big pros is that RFID wristbands let you collect a massive amount of data. They basically let you see what people do, when and for how long. This data can be compiled and analysed later, enabling you to sell, promote your brand further, and find sponsors and more.



Specifically discussing events, here are some of the things you can track with RFID:

  • When visitors arrive & leave
  • How people move around your event and when
  • Identify where you might need new resources and facilities
  • What sorts of products are being purchased
  • What types of interactions are taking place

In terms of increasing revenue for your event it’s really helpful for identifying where a new sponsor should place their brand name, for example.

RFID at Your Events

It’s important to note that when it comes to ticket security, RFID wristbands are much harder to fake, replicate and resell. So they can help prevent people sneaking into events – which would ultimately mean a loss of revenue for you.

Also, if someone’s wristband is lost or stolen it can simply be deactivated.

With RFID wristbands you could also allow yourself to relax your ‘one time in’ policy, as you could more easily allow people out of, and then back into, your event, knowing that their wristband is bone fide.


Getting Really Clever with RFID

RFID wristbands can also be used for payment at your event. They can be read at a little distance, so they’re even easier to scan than a barcode.

Some events use RFID wristbands to further engage the visitors with their events, and encourage them to go around the whole event.

For example, attendees can use the wristbands to check-in at different checkpoints and earn points. This is great for ‘treasure hunt’ type events.

Attendees can link their RFID wristbands to social media. An event could then take a photo of them; then the attendees’ wristband could then be scanned, which would then upload the photo to their social media networks.

The Costs

  • If this is your first time venturing into the RFID world then make sure you work with someone who knows what they’re doing; otherwise it could be a really expensive mistake.
  • There is a higher startup cost for RFID wristbands, when compared to your stand wristbands. But quantities, type of RFID wristband can make the individual unit price more cost effective.

GDPR Compliance

As you could be collecting, storing and using people’s data then you’ll need to ensure that you’re GDPR compliant and that your privacy policy reflects how, where, why and what data you’ll be storing.

Security and privacy is especially important if you’re allowing your guests to store payment information on them.


Whilst RFID wristbands aren’t perfect for all types of events, for concerts and music festivals they’ve made a massive difference.

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