Which wristband is the right one for your event? – Tyvek vs Woven

So, you need wristbands for your event / party / occasion. But which type? We actually supply 6 types of bands… but here’s the two biggest sellers – Tyvek and Woven.


  • Really affordable
  • Fast to wrap on
  • Super secure
  • Individually numbered
  • Easy to Print your messages

Our most popular Wristband, Tyvek is strong, durable and cost effective. This stuff looks like paper, buts it’s TOUGH – virtually un-rippeable.

We Love Wristbands offer them in 18 different colours as well as patterns. We can also supply them with a custom print to your specification. Great for one-off uses at events of any size.

Recommended for : Night clubs / Parties / Sporting Events / Event Staff / Conferences / Holiday Parks / Soft Play Centres / Festivals


  • Can be part an essential part of your events infrastructure…
  • … or a lovely bespoke piece of merchandise
  • can be full colour printed cost effectively or beautifully embroidered
  • Tough secure plastic closing system, fast to apply, virtually un removable

Woven bands are made from fabric and can be produced in full colour. They come with a closure that can only be used once so they are great for access control and mainly used at festivals and large events. A long-lasting wristband that is tough and durable.

Recommended for : Sporting Events / Event Staff / Artist Merchandise / Holiday Parks / Festivals / Save The Date Other Wedding use

So… now you know your way around tyvek and woven bands, feel free to ask us for a sample pack or drop us a line to pick our brains more!

We give the best price on wristbands, and our quality is second to none, get in touch to discuss your event needs!

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